Mother’s Day Brunch

Here’s what is going down this week.  It’s Mother’s Day.  You volunteered to host the family for brunch.  You haven’t even bought a card, much less started to plan the brunch.  And, you’ve started to panic.

Don’t worry.  You’ve got this.

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu


French Toast

Bacon or sausage patties

Layered Fruit Salad

Shortbread Cookies

Here’s how to make it all happen.

Two days before:

  • Make a shopping list and do your grocery shopping (don’t forget that card!).  When you get home, leave the bread for the French toast sitting out.  Day old bread works best for the recipe.
  • Make the ice ring.
  • Make the topping for the layered fruit salad.
  • Chill the champagne.
  • Make the shortbread cookie dough.

The day before:

  • Roll out and bake the cookies.
  • Prepare and slice the fruit.  (If you’re using bananas, don’t slice them until you prepare the salad.)  Alternatively, give yourself a real break and buy the ready-to-go fruit at the grocery store.
  • Cut or buy the flowers you want to use on your table.  Arrange them in the vase.  Or, here’s another idea.  Just call a florist and have flowers delivered.  You can use them on your table and then give them to your mom.
  • Set the table.
  • Vacuum the pet hair off the furniture.
  • Prepare the French toast.  Cover and let it sit overnight in your refrigerator.

The day of:

  • Frost the cookies with the chocolate and refrigerate until the chocolate is set.
  • Assemble the fruit salad.
  • Cook the bacon/sausage and place in the oven to keep warm.
  • Cook the French toast.
  • Warm the syrup.

This will surely remind Mom why you’re her favorite.

Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Entertaining!

Mother's Day Placesetting

Family Photo  Placesetting

Lilac Bouquet

French Toast

Layered Fruit Salad

Ice Ring Bottle Mold  Tea and Shortbread Cookie

Shortbread Cookies


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4 responses to “Mother’s Day Brunch”

  1. Carol Yenney says:

    Great ideas Debbie and John! We are heading up to the cabin for Mother’s Day Brunch will more likely include frying some fish and some coffee but…then again some French toast might just make it to the table! Enjoy your family time!

    • Hostess says:

      Thanks for the comment, Carol. Your Mother’s Day Brunch sounds wonderful. Enjoy the day with all the moms in your family.

  2. Tricia says:

    Beautiful, Debbie! We have a July birthday
    brunch upcoming so I will use some of your
    ideas! I know everything will be delicious,

    • Hostess says:

      Thanks for the comment! We’ll try and keep ideas coming for your birthday celebration in July. 🙂

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