Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini – a Lemon Drop with a Twist

This is one of my favorite cocktail recipes.  It’s one of the very first drink recipes we added to our blog when we launched it nearly two years ago.  When so many of our returning guests arrive at our house, the first cocktail they ask for is my classic lemon drop.  But sometimes, when the mood feels just right to throw them for a bit of a twist, I’ll switch it up and hand them a Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini instead.


Our recipe for the raspberry lemon drop martini came about when a friend showed up with a bottle of Hangar 1’s Fraser River Raspberry vodka.  I’d never tried any of Hangar 1’s products before and, on a Raspberry Lemon Drop Martiniwhim, I substituted their vodka for the usual Absolut Citron in my lemon drop recipe.  I didn’t really know what to expect, and the result was a stunner.  The berry-sweetness of the raspberry-infused Hangar 1 vodka proved to be the perfect complement to the tartness of the lemon.  I tweaked the proportions a bit to find the right balance, and our delicious raspberry lemon drop martini was the result.  This is a cocktail I don’t hesitate to serve to anyone who enjoys a good adult beverage.  It even wins over the guys who might initially shy away from its pretty-in-pink color thinking it’s going to be too sweet for their manly palates.  And in spite of its harmless appearance, this drink commands respect as it packs the wallop of a proper martini!

The Hostess' Summer Addiction

Our raspberry lemon drop martini is particularly good on a sunny patio on a long, lazy summer’s day.  The Hostess says she gets the lyrics to Hot Fun in the Summertime stuck in her head whenever I fill her glass with one of these!


Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini

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Note:  While we’re huge fans of Hangar 1‘s products, we are not compensated in any way by them (nor, for that matter, by any other products we mention elsewhere on our blog.)  We choose products that consistently give us great results.  When it comes to cocktails we’ve found that it’s often necessary to be brand-specific to achieve that “just right” flavor.

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  1. "Jim" says:

    Speaking from the experience of sampling a LOT of lemon drops (classic and raspberry), this is the best raspberry lemon drop you’ll ever have.

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