Our road show leads us to a Mocktini

Recently The Hostess and I volunteered to serve drinks at an open house for a local business.  The event was an interesting experience for both of us as it resulted in us fielding many questions about our own “business” that we’ve not really had to answer before.  No, we’re not caterers.  No, we don’t hire out to host parties.  And no, I’m definitely not a professional bartender.  We just love to entertain our friends and family, we feel like we’re pretty good at it, and we started this blog to share what we do so that others, like you, can entertain without the need for caterers.  And yes, everything we do is right here on our blog for all to see and share.

Anyway, I was quite flattered when the business owner asked me if I’d be interested in bartending for her event.  We’re always looking for ways to give back to our communities and were happy to be given this opportunity to help a local business.  The owner asked that we serve a “red” cocktail (because the name of her business is Salon Rouge), so we brought makings for our Pomegranate Martini (which, incidentally, was a huge success).  And she requested that we also serve an non-alcoholic “mocktail” version. Alcohol-free is not a something we often get asked for when entertaining at home, so we had to scramble a bit to come up with a recipe.  We deconstructed our martini recipe, experimented with ingredients, did some taste-testing, and now, just in time for the holidays, here’s our recipe for a festive Pomegranate Mocktini.  We mixed this up in a punch bowl and it was a big hit for all ages.  One little girl came back for a fourth helping saying it was the tastiest punch she’d ever had.  In her words, “Deee-licious!”

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(Is it bad that I kept thinking, “This would taste really great with a splash of vodka!”?)

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