Last Call for Margaritas!

Top Shelf Margarita - PouringI’m wrapping up my series of Margarita Month postings with a yet another tequila-based recipe, our Top Shelf Margarita.  This is actually the easiest of our margarita recipes to make, and because of its simplicity it’s the one I make most often.

I do need to point out, right up front, that we for the most part try to not be brand specific in our recipes, and that we don’t endorse specific products. But in the case of this recipe, there’s a key ingredient that, in my opinion, really makes the cocktail, and for which I haven’t found a suitable substitute…so let the endorsing begin.

A few days ago I wrote about my “signature” margarita, the one I call Shades of Taos.  My goal in creating that recipe was to use only fresh-squeezed fruit and no commercial mixes.  But not too long after that drink had been declared a success, a friend (and fellow tequila-lover) introduced us to Freshies brand margarita mix.  At that time, Freshies was a tiny company based in Telluride, Colorado, and they’d developed a loyal following of skiers, hikers, and other outdoorsy types.  And as with my hand-crafted Shades of Taos recipe, their mix’s key ingredients are lime, lemon, orange, and agave nectar, so I decided to give it a shake (pun intended, of course).  Yum.  The resulting margarita, after a few tweaks and happy hours (um, quality assurance cycles), was indeed reminiscent of my hand-squeezed cocktail but easier to make.  A great compromise for those times when getting a lot of drinks into a lot of hands quickly is important.

Since those days Freshies has grown and become somewhat more widely available outside of Colorado.  Keep an eye out for them, or check ‘em out on their website.  Cheers!

Bartender’s update:  We just heard from friends that you can now find Freshies margarita mix on!  Give it a try in your next margarita!

Top Shelf Margarita

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