Homemade Granola – A Dine and Dash Breakfast

Around this house, mornings seem to happen at one of two speeds.  We’re either relaxed and leisurely and can hang out until mid-morning in our pajamas, or rushed and hurried as we race to the mountain or get people on the road towards home.  I love when guests sleep over and we have a leisurely mornings and can enjoy and big, involved breakfast.  But when we have places to get to, a bowl of granola is a great dine and dash breakfast.

I can make this granola in the time it would take me to get dressed and drive to the grocery store.  And then it keeps well for a couple of weeks, so it’s definitely a great option for a no-fuss breakfast.

There is a great restaurant in town, Winona’s, that is a favorite with both locals and out-of-towners.  On weekends, there is usually a line out the door with people waiting for a table.  Supposedly this granola is from that restaurant.  I put air quotes around supposedly because, unless the owner actually hands me the recipe themselves, I’m never 100 percent sure that it is a secret recipe or not.  I think I got a little jaded back in the 80’s when someone had supposedly gotten their hands on Mrs. Field’s secret cookie recipe, only to find out that no one had ever actually unlocked the vault to her secrets.  But, this much I do know.  Winona’s has great food, including their granola.  And this is great granola.  So, maybe they are one in the same.

Serve with fresh berries and yogurt and you have yourself one fine, fast meal.

Granola Ingredients

Granola Mixing Bowl

Homemade Granola

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