How to be spontaneous? Plan for it!

Do you ever wonder how some people can pull off spontaneity without even so much as one ruffled feather?  Do those people really have a monopoly on grace and composure while the rest of us just get muddle-headed by the mere thought of not being able to plan for something?  Because I am not a very spontaneous person (please note my subtle use of understatement here), I have a theory about all of this.   I’m of the (long proven) opinion that I can be as spontaneous as the next guy as long as I can plan for it.  And that, my friends, is how those people deliver spontaneity with enviable ease.  They just plan a little.

With the holidays upon us, if you’d like to be one of those people that can unabashedly extend a last-minute invitation to someone for a casual drop-in, I’m sharing my short list of things to have on hand that will allow you to be Johnny-on-the-entertaining spot without even breaking a sweat.  This is the actual list of what you’ll find in our pantry and refrigerator, which means if you dropped by right now, unannounced, these are the items that would magically appear at our impromptu party.  As I’ve said, I’ve planned just a little in case I need to be spontaneous.  And for some additional great tips on being prepared for happy hour, see Bartender’s Guide for stocking basics in the bar.

So, go ahead, plan just a little and impress them all with the cool-headed way you lay down your own version of a party-in-a-box. And watch our Entertaining section for updates as we continue to add add new entertaining tips to our blog.

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