Homemade Cranberry Sauce

When people discuss Thanksgiving and the annual feast of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pies, they usually seem to have pretty strong feelings about what is traditional and should be served.  And that seems particularly true when it comes to cranberry sauce.  Some of the strongest memories people seem to have about family Thanksgivings come from the roll of cranberry sauce, and the memories all seem so similar, regardless of what family you grew up in.  The fact that the can had to be opened at both ends so that the roll could be removed intact.  The etched ribs on the jellied roll made by the tin can.  The glass dish that our mothers always used to serve the cranberry sauce.  And the taste.  This is where the fan club divides.  You either loved that canned stuff (and still serve it today) or you didn’t.

I’m not here to settle the debate as to whether that roll of jellied cranberry sauce is appetizing or not.  But if you’re looking for another option, that doesn’t require a can opener and IS delicious, try this one.

I got this recipe years ago from a caterer we used for a party.  She gave it to me only after I promised that I wouldn’t share it with anyone else.  I kept that promise for as long as I could.  It’s just too good to keep secret any longer.

Berries and Grand Marnier

Spice Bundle

Berries in the Pot

Berries Cooking

Cranberry Cognac Sauce

Happy Entertaining!

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