Fun holiday garnish

Last week, as we gathered at a neighbor’s house for Thanksgiving, we were thankful for the many things that our lives are full of: Family, friends, our health.  But most of all, I was thankful that I didn’t have to do the cooking!  It was simply scrumptious to be on the receiving end of the hosting.

Our hosts started the evening with cocktails that are modified version of a Cosmopolitan, called a Cape Cod.  It’s safe to say that was one good cocktail, although it took me about three of them before I knew for sure.  The crowning glory of the drink was the garnish.  Cranberries skewered on a sprig of lemon thyme (from her own garden, no less!).  That wins Hostess’s Pick of the Week.  Loved it and can’t wait to use this one at our house.

Also loved the Scrabble tiles scattered around the (perfectly set) table.  We played different words throughout the dinner, including “spot” over the dribble of red wine left on the white tablecloth by none other than my beloved Bartender.  Which reminds me, I’m also thankful for OxiClean.

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