Fresh Summer Corn!

When summer corn is in season, I just can’t resist it.  When it’s sweet, local (which means cheap!) and good, it’s like my drug of the moment.  And I just always assume everyone else loves it as much as I do, so then I serve it every chance I get.  But, as the Bartender pointed out, corn on the cob is one thing.  Not everyone likes to eat corn off the cob, especially when they are having their picture taken (as was the case a couple of weeks ago when we had a photographer here shooting our dinner party for the blog).  As Dear Abby once wrote, “Those who are sticklers for socially acceptable table manners are not likely to serve corn on the cob.”  So, how does one take advantage of seasonal corn and not disturb the delicate balance of etiquette and decorum?  Creamed corn casserole!

When we served this, some of our guests admitted that they had never really cared for creamed corn until they tasted this recipe.  We think it’s the cheese.  But it’s ridiculously good with none of that socially awkward gnawing the kernels off the cobs.  No bits of corn hanging precariously to cheeks and lips.  No unwelcome corn juice squirting across the table.  Just sweet summer corn that can be eaten with a fork.

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