For the Love of Simple

Simple food.  It seems to be what I always gravitate to, whether I’m planning a party for 6 or just making dinner for 2.  Just as the difference between a cluttered room that causes my stress level to rise and a simple thing, like a single comfortable chair that gives me that “ahhhhh” moment, so is my feeling about fussy meals versus simple meals.  To use fresh, local ingredients, prepared in a simple, flavorful way makes me relaxed.  And  a relaxed hostess is a happy hostess, at least in our house.

I was late to the “all organic meat” parade.  But once I joined, I was a convert.  It’s not a new-age, hippie-revolution, weird-science thing, regardless what some of you may think about “organic.”  It makes a difference in the quality and taste of the food.  Especially with chicken.  You take a certified organic chicken and roast it with just a few flavors and it is a good reminder that sometimes the most gratifying meal is often the simplest.

Doesn’t a roast chicken just scream Sunday night dinner?  Try it.  It’s easy and oh-so-good and juicy.  Just like mom used to make.  Minus the dried-out breast meat.

Happy entertaining!


Roasted Chicken

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