Chili, redux

It’s not that I’m really a perfectionist, but I don’t like making mistakes.  I mean, really, who does?  But I wanted to let you know that the original recipe we posted for chili was not correct.  I’m not even sure how that version got drafted.  At any rate, the correct version is now posted.

The good news with all of this is that it gives us the opportunity to re-post the recipe.  The temperatures here have hovered around frigid now for a couple of weeks and there’s nothing like a good, robust chili to warm one from the inside out.  I started a batch of chili yesterday, and then we went for a snowshoe while our dinner stewed a bit.  I was so happy to come in from the cold and have a hot bowl of chili (and a cold beer!) waiting for me.  And, this chili freezes really well.  Which means all the work is done so there’s nothing else to do but re-heat and enjoy.

Thanks again to our friend Kent for providing the inspiration for this recipe.

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