Beans in chili? There’s no debating it

First, let’s be very clear what this isn’t.  This is NOT a blatant attempt to incite a debate over what constitutes legitimate chili.  I am fully aware that diehard chili cooks feel quite strongly about the presence of beans in something called “chili.”  But, I honestly don’t want to argue the point.  One, I am a conflict avoider.  And, two, in this season of election debates, I have no desire to debate yet another controversial, yet futile, issue just to be heard and win the popular vote.  I call this “chili” because that’s what I call it.  It’s not meant to be slanderous.  If you find the title offensive, because the recipe contains beans, then by all means call it something else.  Like bean stew.  Food is supposed to comfort, not agitate.

Name aside, some things just go together.  Fall and chili, for me, are two of those things.  Throw in a real wood fire in the fireplace, an oversized sweater to lounge in, and a good bottle of wine shared with friends or family, and the weather (and candidates) can spit and holler all they want.  And maybe after enough wine, we can debate something worthwhile.  Like whether or not it’s appropriate to wear white after Labor Day.

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