An easy scoop ‘n serve dessert

Several years ago, we were fortunate enough to take a ski trip to Switzerland.  In the land of the Alps, 3-hour dinners are the norm, not the exception.  Which is actually a pleasant and indulgent way to enjoy dinner.  Except, that is, if it’s your first day in Switzerland and you’re dealing with the inevitable jet lag.  The first night at dinner, as we were fighting said jet lag, and after a couple of hours of sitting and several courses of food, we had reached the point where we were more interested in our pillows than in dinner.  That’s when the waiters brought out dessert, which was basically a scoop of sorbet accompanied by a shot of vodka.  The waiters poured the vodka over the sorbet.  And we perked up.  We all promptly took our spoons and mushed it all together, making an adult version of a Slushee.  Sleep could wait.  We wanted a  second serving.  Which all seemed to amuse the waiters greatly.

This really is a perfect solution to a dessert.  Especially after a big meal.  It’s light, refreshing, and beyond easy.  Basically, scoop and serve.  It’s been a hit every time we’ve served it.  While you might be tempted to serve with a straw, I would only do so at the risk of listening to that irksome slurping sound that may result from your guests trying to get the last drops out of the bottom of the dish. 

If you want to look like you made a fuss, serve with an assortment of chocolates.  Because putting chocolates on a plate is slightly more fussy than scooping sorbet.

The sorbet pictured here is a blueberry pomegranate sorbet.  (Delicious, with or without vodka.)  But any fruit-flavored sorbet will work.

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