Amazing Creamed Corn (Trust Me!)

Since this is the third time I’ve made this recipe in just about as many weeks, I think it’s time I shared it with you.  But first we need to establish some trust.  I need you to trust me when I say that you should make this recipe.  Please don’t just disregard it because of the name or the ingredients.  I know you do this because I do this.  I look at a recipe and barely pause long enough to read it if the ingredients sound odd or off to me.  So, this once, resist to urge to reject at first glance and give it a chance.

I like this recipe for several reasons.  One, I can make it before guests arrive, which I always like for dinner parties.  (Make and clear the mess before anyone arrives.)  And, it’s not difficult to make, which is also a plus.  Two, during corn season, I really can’t resist buying the sweet, local corn.  Like, every time I’m at the grocery store or the farmer’s markets.  I even find myself driving by the cornfields and anticipating when the corn will be ripe.  But I have found that even when guests like corn, they don’t always like eating it off the cob in front of other guests.  Serving corn this way allows everyone to enjoy the goodness of summer corn, at a dinner table, without the inevitable embarrassment of loose kernels hanging off their cheeks.  Three, the base for the sauce is a roux, and I like making roux.  Mainly because it’s French and I feel so, well, Julia Child-ish when I make one.  I am a lot of things in the kitchen but a chef is not one of them.  Making a roux makes me feel slightly more accomplished as a cook.  I just don’t usually mention how easy it is to make a roux.  And, fourth, last, but certainly not least, this is a crowd-pleaser.  I’ve had guests, as they are helping themselves to seconds (and thirds), say, “I’ve never cared for creamed corn, but this is incredibly good.”

You can bake this in individual ramekins (for that you’re-so-special-I-made-food-just-for-you kind of message) or family style in a casserole dish.  Either way, it’s worth giving a try.  Trust me.

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