A Fall Favorite

Fall.  People either love the season or they don’t.  I fall into the love category.  As the weather turns cool, I still feel this longing to go buy some new shoes, some new pencils and a lunch box.  But with school days long behind me (especially the days when I carried a lunch box), my new fall activities seem centered around the kitchen.  And I tell you, as soon as we get our first crisp, cold day, I immediately start craving pumpkin bread.  I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  Fall = drooling for pumpkin bread for me.

Speaking of the good ol’ days, as I was making pumpkin bread yesterday, I was thinking about how housewives, my mom included, used to get together at each other’s houses for coffee.  And things like coffee cake.  Starbucks, and other coffee houses, and the fact that a lot fewer women are actually at home during the day, have long since replaced that tradition.  But I was thinking that IF someone came to my house for coffee, in the fall, I’d serve them pumpkin bread.  If they got here shortly after I made it.  It doesn’t last long around our house.  I made a loaf yesterday and at this rate, it won’t see Friday.

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