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The Hostess and I are pretty excited to introduce what’s new here at our humble blog:  We’ve been accepted by the Yummly Publisher Network!

Certified Yummly Recipes on Yummly.com

You’re thinking, “Um, I thought this post was going to be about a cocktail recipe.  What gives?”  Well…read on!

Basically, file this under the “it’s good for you, it’s good for us” category.  Yummly is a new service that’s been described as “Google for food.”  They’re developing a massive database of curated recipes (reviewed to ensure quality) along with a search engine that lets you specify ingredients, flavor preferences, type of dish (appetizer, main course, etc.), diet and allergy restrictions, and much more.  We’ve tried their service out and we think it’s pretty cool.  It’s very likely the “next big thing” in the realm of online food networks — so we’re jumping on board their bandwagon.  Also, if you create a recipe box at Yummly, you can save recipes there that you find online for easy retrieval when it comes time to actually make them (and with their mobile apps you can take your recipes along to the grocery store).  So, we think this is all good for you.

In addition to our usual day-by-day activities of developing and testing food and drink recipes, taking pictures, and sharing our experiences and entertainment tips with you, we’re always looking for ways to broaden our audience and help more and more people find their way to EntertainingCouple.com.  We think Yummly will help us do that.  So, we’re hoping it’s good for us.

We’d like to encourage you to check out the details of how Yummly works here, and to follow along as we build out a collection of recipes on our own Yummly publisher page.

What does this all mean for our website?  The changes are actually fairly subtle:  On each of our recipe pages, yum-to-savenear the top in the “Share this” section, I’ve added a new “Yum” button that you can click on to save our recipe to your personal recipe box on Yummly.  Think of this as creating your own customized cookbook, online — and you’re adding one of our recipes to the cookbook.   The more times our recipes get added to people’s boxes (it’s called “getting yums”), the more new people will find out about our blog.  It’s similar to liking a post on Facebook or pinning something onto a Pinterest board, but Yummly is less about social networking and more about eating and drinking. Hmmm, that kind of sounds like what EntertainingCouple.com is all about, doesn’t it?

Cheers…and thank you for being a part of our virtual community.

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