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Hey there — Jon here, with a post that’s slightly off-topic from our usual fare.  Sometimes I do a little moonlighting from my normal duties as the Bartender (which, technically, is also a moonlighting gig) and serve as our website’s information technology support person (aka “The IT Guy”).  Our regular readers may have noticed some changes to the look and feel of our blog over the past couple months.  We run our website with a custom WordPress theme that was designed for us by Watered Roots Design, and over the 18 months that we’ve been up and running, as we’ve learned what works for us and what we want to function differently, we’ve gradually incorporated some tweaks and fiddles to the site to get to where it is today.  We hope the changes look good and work well for you, and we really appreciate your continued visits and comments!

One of the areas that we’re trying to get more adept with is social media.  Debbie (the Hostess) has done a fantastic job with our Facebook page since practically Day One, and over the last three or so months she’s learned a ton about Pinterest and has set up a great Pinterest board.  And our FoodGawker gallery continues to help hundreds of new visitors find our blog.  But one area where we’ve struggled is Twitter.  I really, really hate to admit this, but I think maybe I’m becoming a bit of an old codger.  (The fact that I use the word codger likely confirms this.)  Whatever the reason, I’ve shied away from adopting Twitter because I just didn’t get what value it could bring to our blog.  That is, until our son Jared and daughter-in-law Laura came to visit this week.

Director of Social Media

Engineering our Twitter launch!

Within an hour of arriving, Jared asked why we didn’t have a presence on Twitter, and while I was still mumbling something about newfangled-this-or-that, he was already pulling pictures off our server, building our Twitter profile page, and sending out our first tweets. Holy cow. So now we’re pleased to introduce our newly-recruited Director of Social Media, whose first challenge is something along the lines of “teaching old dogs new tricks.”  (Jeez, am I the master of the codgerly cliche or what?)

So keep following us as we continue blogging, and check out our social networking sites, too — there’s much more to come.


Entertaining Couple Staff Meeting

“Staff meeting”

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  1. brian says:

    Twitter is fine, but Tumblr is where alot of food related info is found these days!

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