Putting the Couth into Casual

There is something appealing about a formally set table.  Just looking at the pictures on Pinterest or in catalogs makes me want to have 20 people over for a formal, sit down dinner.  But let’s face it.  Most in-home dining experiences call for a more casual table.  However, casual doesn’t have to mean boring or, worse, uncivilized.  Just because dinner with our closest friends doesn’t call for a stiff, formal setting, shouldn’t we still practice a little decorum?  I think a little etiquette is still appropriate even when dining with our shoes off.  So, let’s leave barbarian ways to the Huns and get that fork on the correct side of the plate, shall we?

Table Setting Diagram - Casual

Diagram of a casual table setting

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa G. for their wonderfully worn, now vintage Pendleton blanket that provides the perfect backdrop for our Christmas morning table.

Christmas Plates

Waechtersbach plates and vintage Anchor Hocking water glasses make for a casual yet festive table

Christmas Plates with Centerpiece

We used three Mason jars as vases for this centerpiece

Napkin, Fork, and Plate

Holiday Placesetting


Our three wise men (from Gurley) make an appearance every Christmas

Rustic Bell Napkin Ring

Sleigh bells make an easy napkin ring

Holiday Table Setting

Happy Entertaining!

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