Chalk: It’s Not Just For Kids Any More

We have a pretty fabulous group of friends that are all part of our entertaining community.  Our “village,” if you will.  And, it does take a village.

Just because we’re the ones with the blog doesn’t mean we’re the ones with all the ideas.  Quite the contrary.  I am inspired by our friends’ ideas, recipes and styles on an almost daily basis.  I like nothing more than going to a friend’s house and seeing how they entertain.  Believe me when I say I have a lot to learn from these people.

So was the case with our dear friends Ken and Lisa.  They have spent a good deal of time and sweat remodeling their basement into an entertainer’s paradise.  While the entire space — a cozy area featuring a very cool copper bar — is inviting and wonderful, what I couldn’t quit admiring was their door.

I’ve seen many examples where people use blackboard paint on an old, silver tray, but this closet door next to the bar takes the whole chalkboard paint concept to a new level.  The door, apparently, was old and “ugly.” Rather than taking on the expense of installing a new door, they re-purposed the existing one.  They painted it with chalkboard paint and Ken applied his artistic abilities, which converted the ugly door into a piece of art.

All I can say is I want one in my house!

Happy Entertaining!

Chalkboard Paint Door Art

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4 responses to “Chalk: It’s Not Just For Kids Any More”

  1. Lisa Chovil says:

    NICE!!! Love it! Maybe he’ll get some work as an artist!

    • Hostess says:

      It is art! I seriously wish I had a door in my house that I could do this with. If I did, I’d have Ken come do the chalk art for me.

  2. "Jim" says:

    That cool, slightly off-kilter martini glass looks like one of Jon’s martinis, after I’ve had two….

    I’d like both in my house – the great chalk door and one of Jon’s martinis!

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