She Walked.

And she walked.

She walked 60 miles over three days.  She walked over 1500 miles during the months leading up to the 3-day walk to prepare herself, mentally and physically, for the 60 miles.

She walked for her daughter-in-law who last year lost her battle with breast cancer after battling it most of her adult life.  Anne also walked for her son, and for her grandsons who now live life without their mom.

She didn’t walk as part of a team, yet she wasn’t alone.  There were thousands, equally committed and determined walkers, who walked beside her.  I wonder if that’s how someone diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease feels.  That they are alone, dependent on their own body and mind to get them through it, yet are so very much surrounded by others who walk their journey with them.

There were many, many friends and neighbors who supported her along the way, and many gave very generously to help Anne be one of the top three fundraisers in this walk.  But, still, it was Anne who walked.

I now understand how ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats.  Or feets, as the case may be.  And, quite honestly, I am humbled by her.  I know thousands walk and raise money every year for this very worthy cause.  But Anne is my neighbor and friend, so it is her dedication and tenacity that I have witnessed firsthand.  It’s Anne that I admire.

Hope for the Cure CupcakesAfter the walk, the neighbors did what they do.  They threw a party for one of our own, to help celebrate her achievement and to honor Anne and her walk.  Jon and I drove to the party, which was less than 2 blocks away.  That tells you something about me versus Anne.  I could defend myself and say that I was carrying 2 dozen cupcakes to the party, and it was raining, so we couldn’t walk.  But believe me, the irony of the fact that we drove to a party honoring those who walked isn’t lost on me.

Through this blog, we encourage others to celebrate the small moments and the big moments and any moments in-between that deserve a celebration.  I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate than Anne and those like her who walk to find a cure.

Happy Celebrating!


(We wanted the focus of this post to be on Anne and the Walk for the Cure.  If you’d like the recipe for these cupcakes, click here.)

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