A Tasty Use for Hardboiled Eggs

Bartender as Bunny!

The Bartender embarrassing himself at a corporate Easter function long ago…

If the Easter Bunny does his job this weekend, chances are you’ll have a surplus of dyed hardboiled eggs in your refrigerator that are looking for a second purpose.  I suggest deviled eggs.  (We’ve re-posted this article from a year ago because I just can’t get enough of this picture!)

This is a simple, basic recipe.  Just the way I like my deviled eggs.

When I make deviled eggs, I slice the eggs widthwise, which makes little egg cups.  I think this makes for effective eating because you get some filling with each bite.  And, if you slice a teensy bit off of the bottom of each egg half, they will sit upright on the plate. This all came about because I don’t own one of those cute little deviled egg plates with the perfect egg-shaped indentations, and I didn’t want the eggs sliding all over the plate.

I also use a pastry bag to pipe the filling into the eggs cups.  Not because I’m trying to be fancy, because fancy really isn’t my style.  But I found when I used a spoon, I was always trying to get the dollop of egg stuff into the little cup without making a mess or using my fingers.  The pastry bag just seems simpler to me.  And simple is my style.

Hardboiled Eggs

Sliced Eggs

Slicing off the tips:

Slicing off the tips

Egg Half

Preparing the yolks:

Minced Egg Yolks

Filling the pastry bag:

Almost Deviled

Pastry Bag

Ready to serve:

Deviled Eggs

Happy Entertaining!

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2 responses to “A Tasty Use for Hardboiled Eggs”

  1. jim austin says:

    Hey bartender, what did you do to hack her off this bad?

    I would find the original of that “rabbit” photo and feed it to a real bunny!


  2. Tricia says:

    Love the idea of slicing the eggs across! I have always done them lengthwise and they often times split when filling so your idea is better. Sometimes I use sprouts
    to surround the eggs, making little nests for them to keep from sliding around on the plate. I do not have one
    of those cute little egg plates either, although I always look at them and think they are so cute, then buy alfalfa sprouts instead.

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